Tips for Graduation Party Food Planning

Thinking about throwing a graduation party? Here are a few tips and tricks for graduation party pre-planning, including some great party food ideas.

Try A Delicious Pickle Hummus Recipe!

On April Fool’s Day, 2021, we decided to post a fake pickle hummus menu item on social media. Not only did thousands of customers react, but pickle lovers around the valley showed up at our restaurants, ready to try out the new flavor! Based on the response, our chefs went to work and came up with an amazing pickle hummus recipe which we rolled out in our Summer Seasonal Kitchen Craft menu across all Pita Jungle locations.

Pita Jungle and the Mediterranean Way of Eating

Mediterranean Way of Eating is more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Discover what it’s all about.

Out of Vegetarian Food Ideas? Try Something New at Pita Jungle!

When you run out of your typical vegetarian food ideas, a.k.a. ‘tofu masquerading as chicken’, turn to the realm of the beautiful, bountiful Mediterranean.

Thinking of Going Vegetarian? Here are a Few Tips to Help Keep You on Track

People think about becoming a vegetarian for different reasons. For many, it’s about a moral regard for the treatment of animals, and for others it’s about economics or environmental conservation. But, for more and more people around the world, becoming a vegetarian is considered a step forward to better health.

Vegan Dining Is An Option In Newport Beach

Discover “The Art of Eating Healthy®” at Pita Jungle! If you’re looking for vegan restaurants Newport Beach residents recommend for a delicious lunch, dinner, or happy hour experience, try Pita Jungle.

Looking For a Healthy Family Restaurant For the Holidays?

If you’ve been binging on unhealthy holiday food, check out Pita Jungle, a health family restaurant serving delicious food that’s actually good for you.

Healthy Veggie Meals are Within Reach

Whether it’s the holidays or an average day, healthy veggie meals from Pita Jungle are a hit for office parties, dinner parties, New Year’s brunch, & more.

Even Meat Eaters Can’t Resist This Vegetarian Restaurant in Flagstaff

Pita Jungle is one of the best vegetarian restaurants Flagstaff has to offer!

The Best Restaurant in Tucson Serves Fresh Healthy Food

Pita Jungle has earned a loyal following of patrons based on the certainty that every meal at our vegan establishment will be fresh, healthy and delicious.