Thinking of Going Vegetarian? Here are a Few Tips to Help Keep You on Track

People think about becoming a vegetarian for different reasons. For many, it’s about a moral regard for the treatment of animals, and for others it’s about economics or environmental conservation. But, for more and more people around the world, becoming a vegetarian is considered a step forward to better health. Making the change to becoming a vegetarian is a no-brainer and a simple switch for many, while for those who have spent a lifetime enjoying the taste and textures of meat, it can take some time. The bottom line is that a vegetarian diet can be healthy, nutritious, and anything but boring, once you find your groove.

4 Tips For Going Vegetarian

1. Gradually start removing meat from your diet

As you start on out on the road to becoming a vegetarian, it’s best not to go ‘cold turkey’ (pardon the pun). Make it a gradual process; eliminating different types of meat on a weekly basis.

2. Research and try 1 new vegetarian recipe per week

Search cookbooks and online sites for vegetarian recipes that inspire you and sound tasty and vow to try one new recipe a week. Then, set your sights on the produce section at the grocery store, health food stores, and farmers’ markets. Without the usual meat in your cart, you’ll be surprised as a whole new world opens up.

3. Plan meals ahead of time

To stay the course, plan ahead! When food isn’t readily available in your fridge it’s easy to slip up, so cook vegetarian meals in advance and bring your own vegetarian dish to a party for a built-in guarantee.

4. Explore cuisines from different cultures

One of the wonderful things about becoming a vegetarian is that it can inspire you to try new and interesting foods from around the world. Sample the vegetarian menus from various cultural restaurants such as Indian, Thai, Japanese, and Mediterranean.

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Discover the Art of Eating Healthy®! Once you begin eating a lighter, kinder diet, you’ll be amazed at how your energy soars!