Enjoy Happy Hour at Pita Jungle with Tapas in Newport Beach

One of the many unique qualities of Pita Jungle is how we weave in and out of restaurant traditions. We offer waiter and waitress service, employ takeout through online and over-the-phone ordering, and provide catering for large groups. An addition to that list is our happy hour, which runs from 3pm to 6pm in Newport Beach, California. This includes some special menu items in smaller portions, or tapas, and an assortment of wines and beers from which to choose. Our tapas in Newport Beach are an enjoyable way to wind down the day.


Tapas are little snacks and finger food that are meant to be a light complement to the rest of the experience. As such, we present classic dishes, such as the Baba Ganoosh, in smaller portions. Other menu items on the Tapas list include the Garlic Lemon Chicken & Pine Nuts and some savory Sautéed Mushrooms. Whatever the order may be, each one can be enjoyed with a refreshing glass of our House Wines or Premium Bottled Beer.


Tapas are traditionally served in between larger meals, such as the entrée and dessert. They are not meant to be the main course but actually complement it. Pita Jungle's expert chefs spare no expense when making sure that their tapas are just as delicious as any main dish on the menu, whether it is the Pita with Thyme & Olive Oil or the Shrimp in Ajo Sauce. Best of all, these tapas are at extremely affordable prices. Not a single one crosses over the $2 mark, and the most expensive beverage on this portion of the menu is $3.


Just like our entrées, the Pita Jungle tapas are prepared with only the freshest, made-from-scratch ingredients. They are another testament to our reputation as one of the leaders in the restaurant business and our knack for creating irresistible goodies out of Mediterranean recipes. Come discover “The Art of Eating Healthy®” at Pita Jungle today!