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Uptown Phoenix

5505 N. 7th St.
Ste 110
Phoenix, AZ 85014

7 Days a Week


Forty-some years after the curtain dropped on cinema Park Drive-In, a new production is taking Uptown by a storm; enter the Pita Jungle.
Pull up to a different kind of show, casting awesome foods: hummus, crispy falafels, shawarma and freshly chopped salads… truly gearing up for an award winning performance.


Josefa Ortiz

Born and raised in Sonora Mexico Josefa migrated to the U.S at an early age to start a new life with her family. She experienced others doing art around her from all over and got inspired to start her own craft right before her second marriage. She slowly started to learn new forms and techniques. Spirituality and the natural world was a big factor in her finding out how she wants her foot to be set in the Art world. Josefa has been doing art for over 10+ years now and you’ll just have to ask her more about how she came to this point if you are interested. Thank you.