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4340 E. Indian School Rd.
Ste 17
Phoenix, AZ 85018

7 Days a Week


Upper Arcadia. Lower Arcadia. Desert Arcadia. It seems like everyone in Phoenix wants a piece of the trendiest neighborhood in town. Technically, we're not in Arcadia, either. But we're pretty close. And it sure sounds good, doesn't it?


Barb Dysart

Bold, vibrant, quirky artist with pharmaceutical research background, auditing medical records from clinical trial patients. Retired from that serious job auditing for the FDA, practicing simple play in the visual art world. Finding exquisite harmony and balance on the paper in color, design and pattern, Barb starts with no particular plans in mind. Enjoying watercolor multi media, with crayon, salt and marker, Barb finds contrast and unity in the scenery. Barb paints mostly abstract with some representational stylized forms.  Barb raised two amazing women by herself, now is a grandmother, Master gardener, and visual artist and art teacher. Contact information- Barb Dysart 602 300 4884,