Tips for Eating Healthy on Vacation in Newport Beach

If you’re planning on stopping by Newport Beach for a week of rest and relaxation, you have come to the right place. Enjoy surf, sand, sun and a thriving arts culture. Every square mile of this Orange County city is a vibrant powerhouse of things to do and see. Keeping a firm grasp on your nutrition and energy will give you the fuel you need to hop from place to place and drink in the unique quirks of the community. Vacationers find themselves confronted with lots of chances to indulge in rich and salty foods, but the best tastes of the region can be consumed with the menu from Pita Jungle.

Here are a few easy options for eating healthy on vacation in Newport Beach with a little help from us.

Delicious Healthy Meal Options
  • Hummus and Pita

This simple yet scrumptious duo is a quick and healthy snack of a mere 300 or so calories. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, and you can find them in several different presentations at our Newport Beach location. Roasted bell pepper hummus and cilantro jalapeno hummus enhance the chickpea spread with extra spices. 

  • Tomato Basil Soup

The Tomato Basil Soup is another quick, healthy meal that can serve as a snack or an entrée. Based around the aromatic basil and a helping of tomatoes, this menu item is vegetarian-friendly and carnivore-accessible. 

  • Wood-Fired Salmon Salad

One of our popular salad entrées, the Woof-Fired Salmon Salad puts a slice of fresh salmon atop a bed of roasted red bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers, dressed in lemon vinaigrette. This mix of different toppings makes this entrée an invigorating replenisher.

  • Chipotle Black Bean Burger

Alternatively, the Chipotle Black Bean Burger is another filling entrée made with our ever-faithful health-minded sensibilities. This burger happens to be a vegetarian-friendly course, keeping out the meat and welcoming in vegetable-focused ingredients and side dishes. 

  • Rice Pudding

Can you eat a dessert and still restrain the calories? Oh, yes—at Pita Jungle, you certainly can. The rice, cinnamon and 2-percent milk pudding is topped with raisins and strawberries for a sweet and soft treat after a starter and an entrée. And you don’t have to feel guilty for indulging. 

Newport Beach’s seaside community is teeming with vivid avenues of character, and our healthy, delicious food is your stamina for experiencing it all. Come discover “The Art of Eating Healthy®” at Pita Jungle today!