Ideas for Low-Calorie Lunches

Meals of the day do not always have to be calorie-heavy excursions that force you to compromise on your diet and waistline. Exercise is not enough to keep the human body healthy and in shape. It also requires discipline when shaping what you are going to be eating throughout the day. Your lunch break at work is a good time to break the monotony of the day and blow off some steam, but does it need to be loaded with fat and sugar? Low-calorie lunches are much more beneficial in the long run. They provide services for the human body that far exceed just a momentary spree of good feelings and a brief energy spike.

Simple Salads

A low-calorie lunch can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Some people keep it easy with an assortment of carrots, broccoli and an orange or an apple. Preparing a salad early before heading to work opens up possibilities for ingredients. Some more eccentric choices not found in generic salads include lentils, bell peppers and parsley. Add in dressings like olive oil and lemon juice for a richer and more savory taste to complement the greens.

spinach pasta salad

Chicken and Beans

Beans and skinless chicken are excellent sources of protein that also keep the calories in check. By removing the skin and cooking it carefully, white chicken will fill you up and replenish you with enough energy to prevail through the remainder of the working hours. Chop up a piece of white chicken and mix it into a salad you are preparing for an extra zing of taste, and feel free to throw in beans as well. Beans are loaded with protein, as well as iron and Vitamin C.

Eating healthy doesn’t make each meal a chore or a struggle. With a little inspiration and a few ideas in mind, it is entirely possible to create low-calorie foods that taste delicious, keep you alert and don’t pack on the pounds. For an extra treat during the week that maintains a flawless balance between healthy and tasty, check out our restaurant, Pita Jungle. We cater to taste buds that crave rich flavors and loads of nutrition. Come discover “The Art of Eating Healthy®” at Pita Jungle today!